10 free hockey apps to make your life better


August 12, 2013 by Cups n Pucks

Joe Baugnet:

Leave it to the social media junkie to stick my nose into free hockey apps for my smartphone (r/hawks: now you understand why I post so much, I have an addiction). However, I’m not going to pepper you with apps that drain your pocket (NHL Gamecenter) or require any sort of purchase, this A.D.D. candy is free!

If you have another recommendation type it in the comment box below this post and I’ll add it to the list. This should be a tool for those who want to further immerse themselves into the digital side of hockey.

News Apps

The Hockey News

I don’t think I need to explain this app as much as I’m about to, but bear with me. This app provides lives scores, player stats, team standings, schedules, game recaps, and insight from The Hockey News writers.

The Hockey News smartphone application

(Photo: The Hockey News Twitter)

The bottom of the interface allows you to search the most updated scores, articles, stats, and standings. As I am fiddling with the app while writing this post, all info is made for the current season and doesn’t list anything about previous seasons. If you don’t already have a live update service, this may be an app worth downloading once the season starts.

College Hockey News
College Hockey News smartphone application

College Hockey News (Photo: College Hockey News)

If you enjoy college hockey, College Hockey News is great! It gives you in-depth write-ups on each game and provides complete schedules and rosters for every D1 team. If you really love college hockey you can even have live updates sent to your phone.

Yahoo! Sports
Yahoo! Sports smartphone Application

Yahoo! Sports App (Photo: Google Play)

Instead of giving ESPN credit for something they have no interest in, check live stats and updates with the Yahoo! Sports app. After I started reading their Puck Daddy blog, I gained some respect for Yahoo!’s service. I’m pleased with their sports app and I primarily use it for updates on Blackhawks and White Sox games. The timing is basically on-point, but your cell service and software will determine how much you actually like this app.

TSN TradeCentre
TSN TradeCentre smartphone application

TSN TradeCentre Application (Photo: TSN)

If you’re not on HF Boards or Reddit catching up on all the recent trades, give TSN TradeCentre a try. The interface works as a never-ending chronological feed of trades and will update once the trade is final. The app also provides a tab with all the recent trade news and updates. It is very efficient and simplistic if you’re on the go and are anticipating a trade.

Personal Training Apps

80 Hours
80 Hours Hockey training smartphone application

80 Hours Hockey App (Photo: thehockeyseason.com)

80 Hours is an in depth planner and skill ranking app that is 100% customized. There are five different tabs that will help enhance your off-ice training and evaluation. You can log each skill set you are trying to improve on, the date you worked on that skill, the amount of hours spent, and the location. There is also a ‘Training Log’ where you can record the activity, date, speed, time, reps, and accuracy. (available for iPhone and iPad devices only)

The best part of this app is that you can rank yourself based on how you think you are performing. This will be a great tool to use if you have a coach or personal trainer and you want to compare both perspectives on your progress and performance.

My Stats
My Stats smartphone application

My Stats App (Photo: My Stats Twitter)

Are you the player whose parents ride your ass about your play after every single game? If you think you’re better than what they say, have them download the My Stats app on their phone and shut them up. The ‘Live Tracker’ option logs when you are on and off the ice; the number of blocked shots, checks, goals, assists, face off wins, penalty minutes, and shots on goal you have in a given game; and logs team stats against you. (available for iPhone and iPad devices only)

This app will also come in handy for scouting. If there’s a particular player that lights up your league, watch him play and analyze the stats. I found this app to be fascinating and a great free app to utilize when you are in the stands.

Goalie Stats
My Goalie smartphone application

My Goalie App (Photo: iTunes)

And you thought I was going to forget about the goalies didn’t you? Nope, Goalie Stats is exactly what it sounds like. Log basic stats for the tender and get instant feedback on save percentage and numbers. This could be a cool tool to use if you have a pick up league somewhere or you’re looking to get one going.

CPGS Goalie Stats
CPGS smartphone application

CPGS Goalie Stats (Photo: Google Play)

Since a lot of the apps listed above are only available on iOS devices, add CPGS Goalie Stats app to the list for Android users. CPGS gives thorough reports and statistics about your performance between the pipes. As long as you have someone to record the stats, you’ll have a thorough report of how you played afterwards. My business phone is an old Galaxy S Blaze and it works fine on that. I’m sure it will be good for whatever Android device you are using.

USA Hockey Mobile Coach
USA Mobile Hockey Coach smartphone application

USA Mobile Hockey Coach App (Photo: USA Hockey)

Another Android friendly app that will help perform similar functions to the 80 Hours app listed above. Added bonuses to this app are that you get the USA Hockey handbook included with training philosophies and practice plans. Killer app for those of you who are involved in youth hockey and looking to strengthen your skills.

Hockey Development Magazine
Hockey Development Magazine smartphone Application

Hockey Development Magazine App (Photo: iTunes)

I was hesitant to insert this application into this post because it technically isn’t a free app. The app itself is free, but you will have to subscribe to the magazine in order to get consistent tips and advice about hockey. The nice thing about the app is that the first issue is free, so if you don’t like it you can ditch it. Consider it an investment I guess?

From our readers:

theScore Mobile:
theScore Mobile smartphone application

theScore Mobile (Photo: ICTC-CTIC)

If you could tell by the ‘confident’ description theScore lists in their iTunes description, this app is great for live coverage and score updates. You can follow any team or player throughout the season to view live updates. You can also use ‘Player Grouping’ which will help you follow all your fantasy players closer.

Thanks for the hat tip from a r/hockey profile!

TuneIn Radio:
TuneIn Radio smartphone application

TuneIn Radio (Photo: TuneIn Radio)

Thanks to another r/hockey user, we’ve added TuneIn Radio to the list. According to them, you can stream live broadcasts of games. I’ve never used the app before, so I’m not sure how well it will work in your area, but it’s worth a try!

If you have additional streaming sources for games (that are legal), please feel free to insert them in the comment box below!

Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report smartphone application

Bleacher Report App (Photo: Wikepedia)

How could I forget the Bleacher Report? Thanks goes out to another r/hockey user for reminding me of this. I’ve been using the Bleacher Report app for a year or so and it’s solid. Updates are usually speedy and accurate. Great tool for breaking news.


9 thoughts on “10 free hockey apps to make your life better

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  2. I’ll be back linking this on my blog for sure. Nice post. I added some.

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  4. […] 10 Free Hockey Apps to make your life better […]

  5. Jimmy Rudolph says:

    I don’t see Winz listed here (www.mywinz.com) they added NHL a few weeks ago.

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