Sven & Seven?


August 19, 2013 by Joe Baugnet


Joe Baugnet:

Brent Seabrook celebrated the birth of his first born son Carter Seven Seabrook last Friday. An adorable baby without a doubt, but I found myself slightly agitated by the naming of his kid.

Before we start on a tangent about ‘freedom’ and straying for the ‘norm’ my argument isn’t really focused on that. Everyone has the legal right to name their child whatever they’d like (I’d assume a name like ‘F***’ would be an exception). I will also clear the air by saying that I overreacted at first and didn’t mean to say I’ve lost respect for him as a person over Facebook. Clearly the man is human, and naming a child your hockey number doesn’t deserve lifetime condemnation.

However, I will still stand my ground when it comes to reflecting that Brent may have a bit of an inflated ego. Indeed most of his life was probably spent in the arena and ‘blood, sweat, and tears’ went into winning the Stanley Cup, but does being a bad ass professional athlete validate imposing a smug sense of self upon your child? For some, maybe that is the epitome of a successful birth. The fact that the kid will forever live under the wing of a professional athlete who won a national championship, probably will never get bullied, and may end up playing pro hockey when he grows up makes this seem like a plausible choice for a name. Also, the fact that it is his middle name reduces the potential for ridicule.

Carter Seven Seabrook

Brent Seabrook’s son Carter Seven Seabrook. (Photo: USA Today)

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I would assume (and notice I used the word ‘assume’) that the average kid would suffer persistent bullying till early stages of adulthood. If my dad named me ‘Seven’ which coincidentally was his hockey number too, I would bet that either a.) kids would find out about my middle name and make fun of my dad and me until maturity kicked in or b.) other parents would view my dad as a conceited ass and probably wouldn’t want their kids to play with a kid that had ‘weird’ parents. Which brings me to my argument that Brent’s decision to name his kid ‘Seven’ showed off his elitist attitude when naming his kid after his number. I understand that this is an accomplishment and probably everything you’ve ever worked for, but it is still reflective of a human child. Regardless of the footprint you make in the NHL, your decisions will influence others who aren’t in such a position to do so. Believe it or not, there are people playing men’s league right now that still think they have a shot at making the NHL. Use that logic, and then piece together the potential problems that may arise by making your hockey number a ‘unique’ name.

Isn’t a birth name also supposed to be a collaborative effort between partners to come up with a name that symbolizes the love for their newborn child? I guess loving your child as much as you love the Stanley Cup or the game of hockey itself is a powerful statement, but to me it shows that the sport comes first and then the kid. Unique? Sure. Tacky? Definitely.

Don’t get me wrong, Seabs is still one of my favorite players. I was just disheartened and shocked that he would flex his ego through his child. For me to care this much shows that I am indeed overreacting, but isn’t that part of being a hockey fan?




We learned last Friday that Brent Seabrook’s newborn son, Carter Seabrook, has an interesting middle name: Seven. Yes, Brent gave his son the middle name Seven after his own jersey number. I must admit I did get a bit of a chuckle after hearing the news, but what does this say about Seabrook himself. It says absolutely nothing!

One reason I believe that Carter Seven Seabrook’s name is getting some attention in Chicago media is because it comes with North West still fresh in our minds. North West is an ignorant attempt at cruel humor by Kim and Kanye at the expense of their own child. I’m sure some of you are thinking, “But Andy, isn’t Seven an ignorant attempt at humor from Seabrook at the expense of Carter? Take off those homer glasses and wake up.” The way I see it, they are two completely different situations.

Seabrook’s name isn’t the same as North West or any of Frank Zappa’s kids (One is named Moon Unit Zappa.). Seabrook named Carter ‘Seven’ after his hockey number. Tell me what North has to do with Kanye or Kim’s life? Other than sounding funny with the last name West, not a single thing. I’m not even going to touch Frank Zappa and Moon Unit.

Brent Seabrook and the Stanley Cup

Brent Seabrook hoists the Stanley Cup (Photo: Sun Times)

Some could see it as Seabrook gloating about his hockey career, but I don’t. Is one gloating about their life when they name their child after themselves? Why don’t other Jr.’s get more attention from the media? Usually a junior is the son of a father who is proud of their name, their life, and wants the same for their son. Perhaps Seabrook gave Carter the middle name because hockey has given him everything he has ever wanted: a career doing what he loves, money, fame, and the ability to give Carter the chance to do anything he wants with his life. So instead of naming Carter after himself, Seabrook named him after his number.

The other reason every Chicago sports media outlet mentioned this today is because people are intrigued by change and the abnormal. Seven isn’t a “normal” name, so that must make it wrong. People begin to question the character of a person who hasn’t given any reason to question his character before this situation. With no noted ego issues (and if he had some, you damn well know the media would expose him. Ex. Patrick Kane), I find it hard to believe this anything more than an innocent and unique name paying tribute to his life, the game of hockey and the family history, no different than naming your kid after yourself.

People need to relax over minor situations. Seven isn’t even Carter’ first name; It’s his middle name. The only way anyone will know his middle name is if he told someone. If I was Carter, I would be proud of that name! The same way I am proud that I’m named after my grandfather and uncle because I see no difference between Seven and Nicholas. For all of the haters who think this is some sort of attempt at attention or gloating, get off your own high horse!

One thought on “Sven & Seven?

  1. Josie says:

    BRAVO ANDY!!!!!! I totally agree!!! From all indications of what we know about Seabs (and I speak strictly about his presence on the ice and in the locker room), he is a great guy. His son Carter will be more than PROUD of his name, his Father and the country he was born in :-)

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