Cups & Pucks Fantasy Draft Recap

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October 1, 2013 by Cups n Pucks

The hockey season starts today, and Cups & Pucks is proud to announce it’s very first fantasy draft results! After what seemed to be a speedy draft, here are the results of all the teams.

‘Notes’ section written by Joe Baugnet.


Cups & Pucks 1st Fantasy Draft (Image: Anthony Leordoro, Edit by: Joe Baugnet)

Cups & Pucks 1st Fantasy Draft (Image: Anthony Leordoro, Edit by: Joe Baugnet)

Cups & Pucks Staff Teams:
Joe Baugnet: Stepan your Toews
Joe Klich: Kessellate
Andy Misek: Nightmare on Helm Street
Tony Galske: Tony’s Team


Draft Results


Round 1


Sidney Crosby looks for a pass against the Tampa Bay Lightning

Sidney Crosby was the #1 pick Cups & Pucks’ first fantasy hockey league draft (Photo: Pittsburgh Sporting News)

A fairly solid first round for all teams. Surprise! Crosby went first, after Soft Dump failed to get his computer started on time to start the draft. However, it seems that Crosby would’ve been the logical first overall pick anyways.

One may question Sergei Bobrovsky going 8th overall, but as you will see in round two, Nightmare on Helm Street wanted solidify his goaltending situation early. It gave us a good laugh in the draft room, but we may not be laughing after we lose to him in goalie stats every week.

P.K. Chang’s held true to their name by selecting P.K. Subban 4th overall in the draft.

1. Soft Dump– Sidney Crosby (Pit – C)
2. Tony’s Team– Steven Stamkos(TB – C)
3. Stiff Masta Flex– Evgeni Malkin (Pit – C,RW)
4. P.K Chang’s– P.K. Subban (Mon – D)
5. T-Money Holla– Alex Ovechkin (Was – RW)
6. Kessellate– Patrick Kane (Chi – C,RW)
7. Overpaid Convicts– John Tavares (NYI – C)
8. Race for Icing– Henrik Lundqvist (NYR – G)
9. Nightmare on Helm Street– Sergei Bobrovsky(Cls – G)
10. Stepan your Toews– Jonathan Toews (Chi – C)

Round 2


Claude Giroux makes a face

Claude Giroux was drafted #11 by Stepan Your Toews (Photo: Bleacher Report)

It was painful for Stepan your Toews to select a Flyers player (in which he would select two Flyers by the end of the draft), but he selected Claude Giroux as the #11 overall pick.

Nightmare on Helm Street selected Tuukka Rask as the #12 overall pick and closed out on goalies early.

Soft Dump had faith in Antti Niemi and locked down a goalie early in the draft.

Congratulations to Tony’s Team for being the first to select a Sedin sister. Our prayers are with you.

11. Stepan your Toews– Claude Giroux (Phi – C,RW)
12. Nightmare On Helm Street: Tuukka Rask (Bos – G)
13. Race for Icing– Eric Staal (Car – C)
14. Overpaid Convicts– Henrik Sedin (Van – C)
15. Kessellate– Phil Kessel (Tor – RW)
16. T-Money Holla– Pekka Rinne (Nsh – G)
17. P.K. Chang’s– Pavel Datsyuk (Det – C,LW)
18. Stiff Masta Flex– Martin St. Louis (TB – RW)
19. Tony’s Team– Nicklas Backstrom (Was – C)
20. Soft Dump– Antti Niemi (SJ – G)

Round 3


Matt Duchene skates with the puck

Matt Duchene was selected #27 overall by Overpaid Convicts (Photo: Denver Post)

Soft Dump completed the sisterhood by selecting Daniel Sedin as the first pick in the third round.

Behind the scenes: Overpaid convicts is a die hard Avs fan, so naturally he would pick Duchene later in the third round. Although, he claims that auto draft helped him out with the selection.

21. Soft Dump– Daniel Sedin (Van – LW)
22. Tony’s Team– Taylor Hall (Edm – LW)
23. Stiff Masta Flex– Craig Anderson (Ott – G)
24. P.K. Chang’s– Corey Perry (Anh – RW)
25. T-Money Holla– Jonathan Quick (LA – G)
26. Kessellate– Henrik Zetterberg (Det – C,LW)
27. Overpaid Convicts– Matt Duchene (Col – C,LW)
28. Race for Icing– Erik Karlsson (Ott – D)
29. Nightmare on Helm Street– Matt Moulson (NYI – LW)
30.Stepan your Toews– Zach Parise (Min – LW)

Round 4


Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Corey Crawford

Goaltender Corey Crawford was selected #39 overall by Tony’s Team. (Photo: Kim Strickland/Chicago Now)

T-Money Holla put his faith in Chicago by drafting Duncan Keith midway through the 4th round. Solid for assists and +/-, unfortunately the league doesn’t count playing time.

Soft Dump had a solid final pick in the fourth round selecting Logan Couture.

P.K. Chang’s, Stiff Masta Flex, and Tony’s team consecutively drafted goalies.

31. Stepan your Toews– Rick Nash (NYR – LW,RW)
32. Nightmare on Helm Street– Kris Letang (Pit – D)
33. Race for Icing– Chris Kunitz (Pit – LW)
34. Overpaid Convicts– Jordan Eberle (Edm – RW)
35. Kessellate– James Neal (Pit – LW,RW)
36. T-Money Holla– Duncan Keith (Chi – D)
37. P.K. Chang’s– Jimmy Howard (Det – G)
38. Stiff Masta Flex– Carey Price (Mon – G)
39. Tony’s Team– Corey Crawford (Chi – G)
40. Soft Dump– Logan Couture (SJ – C,LW)

Round 5


Los Angeles forward Anze Kopitar

Anze Kopitar was drafted #43 overall by Stiff Masta Flex (Photo: Sports Illustrated)

Apparently, there was not much faith in Anze Kopitar this season. Kopitar fell to the 5th round and was drafted 44th overall. Potential steal for Stiff Masta Flex.

Kessellator made a slick move by drafting Evander Kane in the 5th round. Kane should turn out to be a solid pick.

T-Money Holla stacked up on defense by drafting Duncan Keith in the 4th round and Zdeno Chara in the 5th. We’ll see how that goes.

If Columbus can actually win a few games this season and prove that they have a pretty decent team, Overpaid Convicts should be pleased with the Marian Gaborik pick.

Stepan your Toews picked Jakob Voracek before Bobby Ryan, he regrets the decision.

41. Soft Dump– Ryan Getzlaf (Anh – C)
42. Tony’s Team– Thomas Vanek (Buf – LW,RW)
43. Stiff Masta Flex– Anze Kopitar (LA – C)
44. P.K. Chang’s– Dustin Penner (Anh – LW)
45. T-Money Holla– Zdeno Chara (Bos – D)
46. Kesselator– Evander Kane- (Wpg – LW)
47. Overpaid Convicts– Marian Gaborik (Cls – RW)
48. Race for Icing– Jason Spezza (Ott – C)
49. Nightmare on Helm Street– Nail Yakupov (Edm – RW)
50. Stepan your Toews– Jakub Voracek (Phi – RW)

Round 6


Bobby Ryan scores a goal against the San Jose Sharks

Bobby Ryan was drafted #53 overall by Race for Icing. (Photo:

It took 6 rounds for Stepan your Toews to finally select a goalie. Not a bad choice for a #1 pick.

P.K. Chang’s had a solid pick with Patrick Sharp. He should see some results coming from that pick this season.

Kessellator went for a defenseman and selected Ryan Suter, not a bad pick at all.

Tony’s Team definitely didn’t pick to please Hawks fans. First Sedin, then Smith? Man, fantasy > pride.

51. Stepan your Toews– Marc-Andre Fleury
52. Nightmare on Helm Street– Tyler Seguin (Dal – C,RW)
53. Race for Icing– Bobby Ryan (Ott – LW,RW)
54. Overpaid Convicts– Jamie Benn (Dal – LW)
55. Kessellator– Ryan Suter (Min – D)
56. T-Money Holla– Pascal Dupuis (Pit – LW,RW)
57. P.K. Chang’s– Patrick Sharp (Chi – C,LW)
58. Stiff Masta Flex– Alexander Semin (Car – LW,RW)
59. Tony’s Team– Mike Smith (Pho – G)
60. Soft Dump– Mike Green (Was – D)

Round 7


Washington Captials goaltender, Braden Holtby, makes a save.

Braden Holtby was drafted by Stepan your Toews as the last pick in the 7th round.

Race for Icing took a low blow to Stepan your Toews by taking Luongo and leaving SYT with Braden Holtby as the last pick in the 7th round.

61. Soft Dump– Loui Eriksson (Bos – LW,RW)
62. Tony’s Team– P.A. Parenteau (Col – RW)
63. Stiff Masta Flex– Mike Ribeiro (Pho – C)
64. P.K. Chan’s– Ryan Miller (Buf – G)
65. T-Money Holla– Patrice Bergeron (Bos – C)
66. Kessellator– Joe Thornton (SJ – C)
67. Overpaid Convicts– Shea Weber (Nsh – D)
68. Race for Icing– Roberto Luongo (Van – G)
69. Nightmare on Helm Street– Justin Schultz (Edm – D)
70. Stepan your Toews– Braden Holtby (Was – G)

Round 8


Dustin Byfuglien of the Winnepeg Jets

Dustin Byfuglien went late in 8th round. (Photo: ESPN)

Nightmare on Helm Street had a solid pick drafting Oliver Ekman-Larsson and SYT snagging Marian Hossa in the 8th round.

If Patrick Marleau can put his age behind him and stick with his typical season with 50+ points, T-Money Holla could have a solid pick in him.

71. Stepan your Toews– Marian Hossa (Chi – RW)
72. Nightmare on Helm Street– Oliver Ekman-Larsson (Pho – D)
73. Race for Icing– Joffrey Lupul (Tor – LW,RW)
74. Overpaid Convicts– Cam Ward (Car – G)
75. Kessellator– Kari Lehtonen (Dal – G)
76. T-Money Holla– Patrick Marleau (SJ – C,LW)
77. P.K. Chang’s– Niklas Kronwall (Det – D)
78. Stiff Masta Flex– Dustin Byfuglien (Wpg – RW,D)
79. Tony’s Team– Mark Streit (Phi – D)
80. Soft Dump– Joe Pavelski (SJ – C,RW)

Round 9


Alex Pietrangelo of the St. Louis Blues

Alex Pietrangelo was scooped up by Tony’s Team in the 9th round. (Photo: Joe Ray/

Tony’s Team had a nice pick in Alex Pietrangelo as the second selection in the 9th round as well as Kessellerator’s choice in Keith Yandle.

81. Soft Dump– Jeff Carter (LA – C,LW,RW)
82. Tony’s Team– Alex Pietrangelo (StL – D)
83. Stiff Masta Flex– Dion Phaneuf (Tor – D)
84. P.K. Chang’s– Danny Briere (Mon – C,RW)
85. T-Money Holla– Scott Hartnell (Phi – LW)
86. Kesselerator– Keith Yandle (Pho – D)
87. Overpaid Convicts– Niklas Backstrom (Min – G)
88. Race for Icing– David Backes (StL – C,RW)
89. Nightmare on Helm Street– Drew Doughty (LA – D)
90.Stepan on your Toews– Max Pacioretty (Mon – LW)

Round 10


Jonathan Huberdeau of the Florida Panthers

Jonathan Huberdeau was the first Florida Panthers selected in the draft. Brian Campbell would be selected a few picks after Huberdeau. (Photo: Hockey’s Future)

&nbsp Give it up for Nightmare on Helm Street for being the first person to draft a player from the Florida Panthers.

Four rounds after he was expected to be drafted, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was finally scooped up by Kesselerator.

T-Money Holla had another solid defensive selection by choosing John Carlson from the Washington Capitals.

91. Stepan your Toews– Alex Galchenyuk (Mon – C,LW)
92. Nightmare on Helm Street– Jonathan Huberdeau (Fla – C,LW)
93. Race for Icing– Andrei Markov (Mon – D)
94. Overpaid Convicts– Kevin Shattenkirk (StL – D)
95. Kesselerator– Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (Edm – C)
96. T-Money Holla– John Carlson (Was – D)
97. P.K Chang’s– Michael Del Zotto (NYR – D)
98. Stiff Masta Flex– Andrew Ladd (Wpg – LW).
99. Tony’s Team– Gabriel Landeskog (Col – LW) 1
100. Soft Dump– Brian Campbell (Fla – D)

Round 11


Jack Johnson of the Columbus Blue Jackets

Jack Johnson was a solid pick in the 11th round by Race for Icing. (Photo: CBS Sports)

Oh, we get it now “Stepan your Toews”, clever (not really).

Race for Icing decided to go ‘air-guitar’ on the draft and select Jack Johnson, hippie.

101. Soft Dump– Dan Boyle (SJ – D)
102. Tony’s Team– Tobias Enstrom (Wpg – D)
103. Stiff Masta Flex– Alexander Edler (Van – D)
104. P.K Chang’s– Troy Brouwer (Was – RW)
105. T-Money Holla– Brooks Orpik (Pit – D)
106. Kesselerator– Jonas Hiller (Anh – G)
107. Overpaid Convicts– Sergei Gonchar (Dal – D)
108. Race for Icing– Jack Johnson (Cls – D)
109. Nightmare on Helm Street– Dustin Brown (LA – LW,RW)
110.Stepan your Toews– Derek Stepan (NYR – C)

Round 12


Nazeem Kadri of the Toronto Maple Leafs

Nazeem Kadri was a smart choice by Nightmare on Helm Street early in the 12th round. (Photo:

Stepan your Toews decided to draft a grandpa by selecting Sheldon Souray, he said it was for +/-.

Nightmare on Helm Street took advantage in the late rounds of the draft by selecting Nazem Kadri, good for you.

T-Money Holla, how many defensemen are you going to pick? Keith and Hjalmarrsson for T-Money. P.K. Chang’s with a solid pick in Mike Richards.

111. Stepan Your Toews– Sheldon Souray (Anh – D)
112. Nightmare on Helm Street– Nazem Kadri (Tor – C)
113. Race for Icing– Kimmo Timonen (Phi – D)
114. Overpaid Convicts– Victor Hedman (TB – D)
115. Kessellerator– Brent Burns (SJ – RW,D)
116. T-Money Holla– Niklas Hjalmarsson (Chi – D)
117. P.K. Chang’s– Mike Richards (LA – C,LW)
118. Stiff Masta Flex- Cody Franson (Tor – D)
119. Tony’s Team– Dennis Wideman (Cgy – D)
120. Soft-Dump– Viktor Fasth (Anh – G)

Round 13


Brent Seabrook of the Chicago Blackhawks

Brent Seabrook was taken early in the 13th round by Soft Dump. (Photo:

We’re pretty sure people accidentally forgot about Brent Seabrook this draft, nice pick by Soft Dump.

Stiff Masta Flex went diving with Ryan Kesler. (The pool is which way..??)

121. Soft Dump– Brent Seabrook (Chi – D)
122. Tony’s Team– David Krejci (Bos – C)
123. Stiff Masta Flex– Ryan Kesler (Van – C)
124. P.K. Chang’s– Danny DeKeyser (Det – D)
125. T-Money Holla– Milan Lucic (Bos – LW)
126. Kessellerator– Ondrej Pavelec (Wpg – G)
127. Overpaid Convicts– Jason Pominville (Min – RW)
128. Race for Icing– James van Riemsdyk (Tor – LW)
129. Nightmare on Helm Street– Brad Marchand (Bos – LW)
130. Stepan your Toews– Alex Goligoski (Dal – D)

Round 14


Cody Hodgson of the Buffalo Sabres

Nightmare on Helm Street scooped up Cody Hodgson early in the 14th round. (Daniel Wagner/Vancouver Sun Sports Blogs)

Stiff Masta Flex must like the idea of time travel. With Schneider and Brodeur splitting the net, going back five years in time might be beneficial in order for this pick to be worthwhile.

131. Stepan your Toews– Francois Beauchemin (Anh – D)
132. Nightmare on Helm Street– Cody Hodgson (Buf – C,RW)
133. Race for Icing– Blake Wheeler (Wpg – RW)
134. Overpaid Convicts– Brad Richards (NYR – C)
135. Kessellerator– Jeff Skinner (Car – C,RW)
136. T-Money Holla– Vincent Lecavalier (Phi – C)
137. P.K. Chang’s– Jarome Iginla (Bos – RW)
138. Stiff Masta Flex– Martin Brodeur (NJ – G)
139. Tony’s Team– Brian Elliott (StL – G)
140. Soft Dump– Sam Gagner (Edm – C,RW)

Round 15


Wayne Simmonds of the Philadelphia Flyers

Kesselerator picked up Wayne Simmonds late in the 15th round. (Photo:

‘Wayne to go’ Kessellerator for the Simmonds pick, should be a solid choice.

151. Soft Dump– Mikko Koivu (Min – C)
152. Tony’s Team– Johan Franzen (Det – LW,RW)
153. Stiff Masta Flex– Dany Heatley (Min – LW,RW)
154. P.K Chang’s– Damien Brunner (NJ – C)
155. T-Money Holla– Justin Williams (LA – RW)
156. Kessellerator– Wayne Simmonds (Phi – RW)
157. Overpaid Convicts– Jordan Staal (Car – C,LW)
158. Race for Icing– Semyon Varlamov (Col – G)
159. Nightmare on Helm Street– Jay Bouwmeester (StL – D)
160. Stepan your Toews– Dan Hamhuis (Van – D)

Round 16


Jaromir Jagr while playing with the Pittsburgh Penguins

Jaromir Jagr is getting old, as indicated by his slip all the way down to the last round of the draft. Nevertheless, much respect from Cups & Pucks. (Photo: Bill Hanstock/SB Nation)

Jaromir Jagr was the final pick of the draft. This must indicate that he is aging, wow… time flew by. Interesting pick by Race for Icing and the Slave Voynov pick.

Looks like quite a few people were looking for backup-backup goaltenders.

161. Stepan your Toews– Devan Dubnyk (Edm – G).
162. Nightmare on Helm Street– Cory Schneider (NJ – G)
163. Race for Icing– Slava Voynov (LA – D)
164. Overpaid Convicts– Nathan MacKinnon (Col – C)
165. Kessellerator– Christian Ehrhoff (Buf – D)
166. T-Money Holla– James Reimer (Tor – G)
167. P.K. Chang’s– Evgeni Nabokov (NYI – G)
168. Stiff Masta Flex– Teddy Purcell (TB – RW)
169. Tony’s Team– Bryan Little (Wpg – C,RW)
170. Soft Dump– Jaromir Jagr (NJ – RW)

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