Blackhawks lost a game, so what?

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October 6, 2013 by Joe Baugnet

By Joe Klich

Chicago Blackhawks

Ben Bishop makes a save with Jonathan Toews is front of the net. (Photo: Fox News)

Last night’s overtime 3-2 loss against the Tampa Bay Lightning was a perfect reminder of how weird hockey can be. Also, it was a reminder that the Tampa Bay Lightning still exist. The Chicago Blackhawks thoroughly dominated (outside of a two minute stretch) outshooting the Lightning 39-16. Ben Bishop put on a very encouraging performance as it looks like the Lightning will be in need of similar outputs all year.

From the Hawks perspective, there wasn’t too much to dislike about this game. Oh, except for the loss. Brandon Saad has shown notable development from this year to the last which makes my heart tingle with joy. The second year winger is going to be a delight to watch all year long.

Was anyone else tired of hearing Pierre Mcguire gush all over Patrick Kane in the first game? I rolled my eyes at first (as I often do with Pierre) but his obsession may very well be vindicated if Kane continues to play at such an impressive level. He’s piled on the shots in two games and continues to be noticeable every time he’s on the ice. This year could be a lot of fun.

The powerplay has largely looked good through two games but I can’t help but wait for the implosion. That may just be the Cubs fan in me boiling over.

How refreshing is it to finally see a successful Hawks team mainly intact from last year? This early on in the season, the team played a very crisp game. The luxury to keep a previous core should allow chemistry to exponentially improve for this year and future years. I have a feeling this year is once again going to be very entertaining.

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