Martin St. Louis and his yellow hockey stick


October 29, 2013 by Joe Baugnet

I wanted to write this post the day the Blackhawks played the Lightning, but never got to it.

Many of you who have played hockey their entire lives have also closely followed NHL video games. Due to the common knowledge that we all share, I wanted to bring forth an observation I had of Martin St. Louis and his yellow hockey stick.

Yellow hockey stick

EA Sports NHL 2004 cover (Photo: Wikipedia)

For those of you who think that NHL 2010-2014 are the best NHL editions out there, you are mistaken. Remember NHL 2004? Yeah, the one with the best soundtrack ever and the first game to incorporate colored hockey sticks.

I remember I hated the grey and black sticks because they were boring. The players with the blue sticks always sucked, and the red was almost always your sharp shooter.

The yellow stick was the wild card. You never knew what kind of player you were getting, unless it was Martin St. Louis. A solid asset to have on your team, but never a shockingly great player in the game.

Since it was only a video game, let it be known that almost any real NHL team would scoop up St. Louis in a second.

Years later, I came to notice something. Martin St. Louis has always used a yellow stick since that game came out in 2003.

I looked up old photos of him and it seems like his previous stick colors were black and silver, but that was when he first entered the NHL in early 2000. Notice the Koho woody in the photo? Yeah buddy!

Calgary Flames

Martin St. Louis and a Koho Hockey Stick (Photo: Ebay)

Tampa Bay Lightning

Martin St. Louis with a silver stick (Photo:

He won a Stanley Cup with the Tampa Bay Lightning that year in 2004, using a yellow stick.

I’m sure throughout his career he has tried a different colored stick, but I’ve only noticed him when he’s blazing yellow.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Martin St. Louis’ yellow stick (Photo:

As a potential hall of fame candidate, I would be pretty upset if the NHL did not recognize that he was the only player who gave the yellow hockey stick a chance. We all hated it when it first came out, and many of us still do. Besides the TPS rubber, which proved to be the flexiest 75 flex you could ever buy, yellow sticks are obnoxious.

Martin St. Louis gave this obnoxious colored stick a home, and to that I salute him.

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