A Cup O’ Joe Show Returns


December 11, 2013 by Cups n Pucks

Emerging from the grave of Radio DePaul A Cup O’ Joe Show has returned. The dynamic duo of Joe Klich and Joe Baugnet are back to talk about the Chicago Blackhawks and the wonderful sport of hockey.

In their very first podcast the Joes talk about a recent interview Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews had with ESPN about their relationship and their future contracts with the Blackhawks. Both Kane and Toews’ contracts expire after the 2014-15 season. When Patrick Kane was asked about what he thought about the expiring contracts he said “It’s funny that people even bring it up now. We just got over the hump of our five year contract. It’s still two years away. I mean who knows what’s going to happen in that amount of time. I’m sure you want to stay here Johnny, I want to stay here too.”

A Cup O' Joe Show Podcast

Joe Baugnet and Joe Klich broadcasting from Radio DePaul. July, 2012

The Joes broke down the contracts and compared them to the Getzlaf/Perry contracts in Anaheim. Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry have long term deals with the Anaheim Ducks that would take them into the 2020-21 season. Fortunately for the Chicago Blackhawks, the short term deals give the organization a good taste of what they are getting with Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. Although “The Cup” expects both players to be back for the 2014-15 season, Joe Baugnet thought that Patrick Kane would be the player to go if it came down to the decision.

The next topic on the list was the little snags the Blackhawks are facing in the 2013-14 season. The most apparent obstacle is Corey Crawford’s injury that will take him out for 2-3 weeks. The Cup discusses the play of Antti Raanta. Joe Klich wasn’t overly impressed with his play, and said he needs more time. Baugnet loved his play and was thankful that the Blackhawks had a decent backup goaltender buried in the minors. It’s not very common that you see both NHL goalies go down in a season at the same time, so Raanta’s play is reflective of a young talent in the big leagues.

The Cup transitions to the lingering snag that has stayed with the Blackhawks for several seasons. Special teams has been a glaring issue for the Blackhawks. This season they were able to tighten up their abysmal powerplay and turn it into one of the top five in the league at a 22.9% conversion rate. On the opposite end, the Blackhawks penalty kill has been terrible. The Hawks currently sit at a 74.7% which is 28th in the NHL. The Michael Frolik and Marcus Kruger duo contributed to the great success the Hawks had on the PK last season, but there seems to be no chemistry on the defensive end this year.

The Blackhawks powerplay is a relief for most Hawks fans. The Hawks seem to be able to control the puck inside the offensive zone better than they had in the previous seasons. Patrick Sharp holding the point is arguably a positive or a negative for the success of the PP. Joe Baugnet thinks that Sharp should be used in the high slot, removed from the point, and replaced with a defenseman who is better at holding the blue line. Joe Klich leaned with the stats and thought that what the Hawks are doing now is working, so they should keep it that way.

The first podcast ends on that note.

—When Cups & Pucks was originally founded it was decided that the blog would be a hybrid between hockey news and A Cup O’ Joe Show.

Hence Cups & Pucks.


The show was recently able to find a studio to broadcast from, so the show will finally commence. The host of the Cup O’ Joe Show is Joe Klich and his co-host is Joe Baugnet. For some of their past work visit iTunes


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