Norris Trophy, Pirri Trade, and Ray Emery’s Luck

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December 11, 2013 by Cups n Pucks

The Joes decided to release their podcast in two different segments. The first podcast covered Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews interview with ESPN regarding their contracts, Corey Crawford’s injury, Antti Raanta’s play, and the Blackhawks special teams.

This podcast started off with Joe Baugnet talking wrapping up talk on special teams. In his opinion, he likes Duncan Keith at the point during the powerplay. The only flaw in which both Joe’s agreed on was that he tends to miss the net when shooting. This minor flaw has been completely offset by the fact that Keith is chasing another Norris Trophy winning season. His play has been spectacular and there really is not much to complain about.

A Cup O’ Joe transitions into talk about Brandon Pirri’s season and how he could potentially be trade bait for the Hawks later on in the season. Ideally, the Hawks could use him to fill in their much needed second line center position. Michal Handzus’s injury allowed Pirri some playing time, in which he played fairly well. Joe Baugnet made the comment that some of his moves were “sick” and that he saw a lot of potential in Pirri. Klich agreed, but both viewed Pirri as potential trade bait. If Pirri starts getting more playing time towards the end of the season, it should be a good sign that he may be off to a new team.

The last topic the Joes talked about was Ray Emery’s phenomenal play last season with the Blackhawks. Emery will be playing the Blackhawks tonight, but has had a pretty average year so far posting a .908 save percentage and an average of 2.56 goals against. Joe Baugnet thought his record last year was more luck than it was skill. His points were 1.) Emery had a very good defense in front of him 2.) The Blackhawks were a high scoring team, which took pressure off of his play and 3.) he split time with Corey Crawford.

The show closes with typical Joe talk.

To follow them on Twitter:

Joe Klich: @jklich07
Joe Baugnet: @joebaugnet


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