Blackhawks Birthday Goals

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January 13, 2014 by Joe Baugnet

There is something to be said about the Chicago Blackhawks when a player has a birthday on game day, they score.

Whenever Patrick Sharp has any relevant life event he either decides that it’s a good day for a shootout winner, game winning goal, or a hat-trick if he feels like it. Marian Hossa recently joined the club by scoring his 21st season goal on his 35th birthday.

Johnny Oduya (A.K.A. Lenny Kravitz on ice) scored on his 32nd birthday on October 1st against the Washington Capitals.

To relive all of these great moments I’ve provided the video of the goals below. For some reason I thought it would be appropriate to do a little sing song for their accomplishments. All of the recorded audio is my own and I highly suggest you don’t listen to it unless you can’t figure out the song references.

Hey let’s score a goal for my newly-born daughter:


Or a hat trick on my birthday

(In sing song format)
Warning: Unedited (Explicit Content)

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday because I can do whatever the f*** I want on my birthday and score a hat trick, happy birthday to me:




The stars always seem to align for Marian Hossa

(Another sing song format)
Oh Hossa night… the stars align on my birthday



Lenny Kravitz always scores, especially against Braden Holtby

(Sing song format)
All of my life, where have you been, I wonder if I’ll score on Holtby again…


More birthdays on game day please!


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