Can’t Find Pickup Hockey in Chicago? Try Meetup

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December 26, 2014 by Joe Baugnet

It’s been a while since I’ve written on C&P, but stumbled across an awesome app that I had to pass on to you. Some of you might know the app called Meetup, it’s primarily used for finding groups and social networks around your area. (I’m assuming it will also find you a cheap date too?)

Anyways…there’s a group for Chicago hockey players called Rat Hockey Chicago. The group was founded in 2010 and continues to be updated on a regular basis.

My uncle introduced me to the app a couple weeks ago and I can’t stop using it! I’ve skated six hours in the past two days all because I was able to get a full schedule of rat times around my area. The interface is really easy to use and will show you the most updated skates.

Rat Hockey Chicago Meetup Interface

If you continue scrolling down the homepage you’ll see other groups people are a part of, the organizers, sponsors and more.

As you can see in the photo above you can view upcoming skates, the schedule and the results of the past skates (this will usually give you a good idea of how the turnout was). By visiting the schedule and clicking on the “RSVP” button you can sign up for the skate to let others know you are going. Of course, not everyone has the app, so the numbers aren’t always accurate. However, it’s a good way to see what people in the group are going and what skill level they are.

Registering for rat hockey skates

You can see how many people are going/went to a particular skate.

I’ll admit that the group doesn’t seem as active as it could be, but that’s why I’m spreading the word. Hopefully you will too and we’ll make rat hockey in Chicago a little more predictable. We all know how bad it sucks when it’s 3 people and a full sheet of ice. Unless you’re training to become an Olympic athlete or some shit like that (in which you shouldn’t be there anyways).




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