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Cups & Pucks was created by a group of four friends in Chicago, IL who love the sport of hockey. On a late drive home after a game, the name ‘Cups & Pucks’ was born. Who knows why, but it stuck.

The founders Joe Baugnet, Joe Klich, Andy Misek, and Paige Hall are all enthusiastic Blackhawks fans. To clear the air, the Blackhawks are just the team that they root for. The site is dedicated to the sport of hockey and was created as an outlet for readers who want to engage with the best sport on the planet (bias).

A Cup O' Joe Show Podcast

Joe Baugnet and Joe Klich broadcasting from Radio DePaul. July, 2012

As a side dish to Cups & Pucks, we have a weekly podcast that we’re serving-up as well. Since 2009 Joe Baugnet and Joe Klich hosted ‘A Cup O’ Joe Show’ for Radio DePaul. In 2012 the show had to say goodbye as both Joe’s graduated from the University. Since then, they have been looking for a reason to bring the show back, and Cups & Pucks provided a good reason to do so.

*A Cup O’ Joe Show is still in the process of finding a studio to record shows, we would love your input on a good place to conduct the show. 

From all of us at Cups & Pucks, we really hope you enjoy the page. Hockey is a lifestyle for all of us, so vent all of your hockey knowledge to the page! Our blog is just words if you don’t give us your thoughts. If you just joined the show, don’t be afraid. We all have to start somewhere and the staff understands that hockey is picking up speed.

Welcome to the blog!

Cups & Pucks Staff


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